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Cage liners...
Of all the Ziggy's Piggies products, cage liners are the product I enjoy making the most!  All made to order and available in an array of fleece options, whether you have a standard, C&C or homemade cage I can make the right size cage liner for you at virtually unbeatable prices!

All cage liners are made with quality antipil fleece to prevent debris gathering between the fibres and making them easier to clean.  All cage liners come with a care sheet including machine washing instructions to allow you to get the very best out of your cage liner.  Unlike lower quality cage liners, these do not contain batting (which simply fills with wee and drips out when the cage liner is removed from cage)  Ziggy's Piggies cage liners are made from 2 layers of fleece sandwiching a rigid absorbent layer which locks in all moisture keeping both top and bottom surfaces dry.

Please contact me [email protected], or use the 'contact me' page for enquiries and cage liner orders!  

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Fleece designs - Please view the 'fleece designs' page to view the latest fleece designs.

.Please contact me with your cage measurements for a no obligation quote.  All queries will be answered within 24 hours.