Ziggy's Piggies


Meet the Ziggy's Piggies Crew!

Meet Ziggy!  (That's me!)

The apparent 'brains' behind Ziggy's Piggies:  This is my baby!  I'm 37 years old and have worked as a seamstress, digital embroiderer, designer, dancer, model, actress and animal rights activist!  I was diagnosed with  Ehlers Danlos Syndrome in 2012 and after a year of being housebound/ in hospital and watching possibly every YouTube video in existance, launched Ziggy's Piggies in 2013!  I design and sew all the goodies and answer most enquiries.  Ziggy's Piggies has given me my whole life back and allowed me to rejoin the human race, proving disability is not a disadvantage!  

I love the colour pink and my favourite product is the 'pigloo'.  My favourite things to make are cage liners (I've made more than 17,000!)

I currently have have 6 guinea pigs, Winston,  Reggie, Cecil, Inky, Alfie and Sid,  who live in fully furnished designer Ziggy's Piggy's cages!

Come say "HI" sometime! I also like talking.  A lot.

Meet Dave!

Dave is my beloved husband and works full time for ZP's.  He is responsible for cutting, packing and dispatch.  He also answers queries on occasion. 

He is 41 years old and rhythm guitarist in a heavy metal band.  He is actually a qualified software engineer but enjoys the pace of working for 'Ziggy's Piggies' and the advantage of unlimited coffee!  When he's not buried in fleece he enjoys yoga, music, rock climbing and mountain biking.

His favourite product is the cuddle cube and these are his favourite things to cut and pack!

Let's hear it for Dave - woooooo wooooooo!

Meet Gorgeous Gareth!

Gareth is 27, lives in Leeds and is our 'outworker' - producing ready to send items.

Gareth contacted me in the summer of 2014 to place an order for his 9 piggies and we quickly became the best of friends, with a mutual love of sewing and furbabies!

He has 16 years of sewing experience and above all, enjoys making pigloos.  His favourite elements of Ziggy's Piggies are the funky designs and great value.
As well as looking after 9 piggies, he has 7 cats and two very lively parrots!  When he's not running round after them he enjoys designing and making doll's clothes.

With his creative flare, fresh ideas and precision, Gareth is a fabulous member of the team.

        Lets all show Gareth some love and a very warm welcome to Ziggy's Piggies!!!

Meet Noodle!

Noodle is 35 years old and works part time in the cutting department.  He also works at a local college as a support worker and doubles as the Ziggy's Piggies counsellor when it all gets too much!

Ned is a singer, guitarist and songwriter and makes various appearances in local dramatic performances.  A true performer, Ned keeps us chuckling and is a great asset to the crew!

His favourite product is the snuggle sack and he'd like a Noodle-sized one made - though I'd be tempted to put a lock on it!

Hello to Nooooooooooodle!

Meet Winston!

The alternative member of the crew, Winston is a die hard death metal fan and lives on the dark side.  He likes long haired girls, fresh grass and rocking out.  He sees himself as dangerous and a real risk taker but is actually the most skittish pig, particularly when Noodle is around!  The skull and flames fabric were chosen by Winston and he can usually be found in his skull and crossbones cuddle cube headbanging.

Meet Reggie!

Reggie is the smallest member and 'thinker' of the group.  A true gentlemen and connoisseur of the fine arts; generally not seen before midday, he enjoys listening to radio 4 and cuddling up on my bed.  He loves sitting in his cuddle cup (he has many in different and designs) and watching telly with me on poorly days, Reggie is a true tonic.

Needless to say, Reggie is a huge fan of medium sized cuddle cups and likes pastel colours; stars, polka dots and cupcake are his designs of choice.  

Meet Spikey Sid!

Sid believes he is the 'beauty' of the group with his lovely long locks of slate and grey; a rather precious punk, he loves The Clash and animal prints.  Despite his desire to preen on a regular basis, he thoroughly dislikes being groomed but is partial to a bubble bath and longs to visit a Spa sometime soon!  He loves cuddling up in his zebra and pink all fleece snuggle sack, and poking his tongue out at his room mate Ginger Alfie!

Meet Ginger Alfie!

Sid's brother and originally from Cardiff, Alfie arrived with the name 'Ginger' but having 3 ginger piggies, it was changed to Ginger Alfie.  Alfie is a real pog (the ZP's word for a naughty pig) and always up to mischief!  He is the dominant pig of the pair and always has the last word - and first dibs on the food!  He likes disappearing under my duvet, alfalfa hay blocks and his camper van pigloo tunnel!  

Now sadly at The Rainbow Bridge -Meet Ronnie - the other half of the Krays!

When looking for a pal for Reggie, after he fell out with his brothers, I stumbled upon Ronnie at The Littlest Rescue in Bristol, the name was a good sign and after just a couple of minutes of boar dating - a bond was made and Ronnie joined the crew!  A big ginger pig, Ronnie is extremely friendly and loves cuddles.  On a sunny day he will move around the cage seeking out sunbeams to sleep in.  When I first gave him a liquorice allsorts tunnel he played with it non stop for over 2 hours and it remains his favourite toy!

Now sadly at The Rainbow Bridge -Meet Bertie - The wise piggy!

Bertram arrived at Ziggy's Piggies HQ in June 2015 aged 5, from Windwhistle Rescue. Prior to being rescued, he lived with a rabbit in a very undersized cage and it took him a fair while to get used to having so much space as a 'bedroom pig' I believe that Bertie is a sheltie/ part sheltie who for an unknown reason, arrived with his fur cut short but over the past few months we've watched his beautiful silky coat embrace him.  A beautiful and very confident piggy, Bertie has now been bonded with Winston after the sad loss of Archie and make a sucessful team - Winston making the mess and Bertie constantly tidying up after him.  When it gets a bit much, Bertie dives into his cuddle cube for some time out - it doesn't stop clingy Winston trying to climb in after him though!

Sadly now at The Rainbow Bridge  - meet Benny!

Benny is the newest member of the crew and after being rescued from a breeder came to Ziggy's Piggies for his retirement. He is also known to his suitors as 'Bennington Parsley'. Often mistaken for a Cuy, Benny is a gentle giant and lives free range in Ziggy's Piggies HQ!  He loves sleeping in the pile of fleece scraps beneath my sewing machine and climbing up his ramp to my bed for bedtime cuddles, it's not been unknown for him to climb right in and fall asleep tucked up under the duvet!  He absolutely loves his extra long jumbo fleece tunnel and always hops in it for his afternoon nap!

Sadly now at the Rainbow Bridge -Meet Archie!

Archie is the natural leader of Ziggy's Piggies and our driving force.

A real ladies' man, Archie has the girls queuing up due to his unusual colouring and laid back personality, not to mention his brains and brawn!

Archie is a huge fan of Prodigy, red pepper and is currently undertaking training for the 'getting in the way' championships in which he's tipped to be a top contender.

Archie loves rainbow colours which reflect his personality ; bright, popular and bold.  His favourite product is his blue star cage liner, he likes it so much he wees all over it (a true sign of piggy approval.)    

Sadly now at The Rainbow Bridge - Meet Johnny!

Beautiful Johnny was rescued from the same breeder as Benny and his exact age is unknown but he is around 5 years old and known as 'sandbag pig.'  The most relaxed pig, he often lays down taking on the appearance of a bag of sand and is the friendliest gentleman you're ever likely to meet!  A huge lover of campervan prints, Johnny loves sleeping and playing in jumbo tunnels and taking full advantage of their spacious nature!

Johnny is a 'bedroom pig' and loves snuggles, documentaries and hay 'biscuits'.

We all love our beautiful Johnny and he fits in perfectly with all the crew!